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Escaped the oubliette, stole inside where you rest. I’ll trade this grudge for my pound of flesh.
Strangled a cry in my brother’s throat, had him bound before his family woke

Six years shackled 'cause I was betrayed, you spent them hoping my ire would fade.
We took turns as Abel and Cain to settle debts but when your offering failed you sacrificed me instead.
I’ve gathered all you’re worth, your family's tied by the pieces of you that wouldn't stay behind.

My temper’s simmered but now it’s dressed in kerosene.
Cause he traded blood for amphetamines,
And my brother he got away clean.
His guts they spilled, Now I wait until
He's dead at my feet.

You’ve proven that piss and cowardice are thicker than what runs through our veins
As the bloodhound tracked down the perforated quail that counted on it not being chased.
You ran through the reeds, the moss and the rocks, but I followed our bloodlines til they got you caught.
I’ll pluck out your feathers in front of your flock. Pray to your God they don’t watch

What’s the point in bravery?
Everything's lost. I'll watch you burn in hell with me.
We’ve earned that sordid lot. Tell the ones you hid this from, turn away.
Don’t make them a memory, one they can’t erase.
Any famous last words?
You’re all hatred and hurt.
The hunt was exhausting but I found my clipped bird.


from Hunt 'Em Up, released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Family First Second Nature Los Angeles, California

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