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I’ve had wolves at my door so long I’ve given them names.
They sit and wait patiently for me to join their ranks.
I’ve grown addicted to the taste of licking my wounds
‘Cause the cross you bear is the one you end up nailed to
And I’ll fall three times if you can crow twice
We made it all the way to the gates just to be denied (We both play Peter ever night)

We sing songs about being broken/
When we’re not worth breaking
Early on we grew to hubris and left our guards’ wide open.
Now the sound of our groans have grown grating

I switched out my organs but remained the same.
Learned a change of heart doesn’t change what you are.
All the votives I asked for and candles I’ve lit/
Aren’t bright enough to lessen my dark
Your words can earn you feathers and tar
Or place you at his right hand without trying too hard.

We make speeches about being hopeless/
When we’ve got everything to hope for
Listen closely and know that we stole this
We’re the spawn of those who were told and went forth

We flew too close and measured out our own rope/
Then we burned ourselves out
We talked us up until we were tall enough
Then we tore ourselves down

I’m full of myself but not man enough to fill this shell
Our sickle cell is our vanity, our pride keeps our us atrophied

Come time for you to choose I prayed I would be refused (and you’d select Barabas)
It's arrogant to wears this crown of thorns you’ve prepared (Martyrdom’s a filthy habit)


from Hunt 'Em Up, released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Family First Second Nature Los Angeles, California

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